Our 5 Step Process

1. Contact Us 

We’ll guide you through the process.

2. Document Requirements

Depending on your type of property and business, we require different documents. The more complete your documents, the faster we can process your application. (see Document Requirements)

3. Submit Your Application

Once we receive your application and document requirements, we can review and process your request to determine eligibility.  

4. Letter of Intent

If your application is approved, you’ll receive a Letter of Intent outlining the next steps (i.e. property appraisal, etc.) and any potential conditions that have to be met prior to approval.

5. Approval

If all conditions have been met, you will receive a Commitment Letter that confirms your loan.


Lowest Rates* in Canada

Lowest Rates* in Canada
Term Our Rate Bank Rate
3 Year Fixed 1.74% 2.24%
5 Year Variable 1.79% 2.25%
5 Year Fixed 1.89% 2.24%
22 Oct 2020

Updated: August 01, 2017

Rates may vary between geographic regions and the posted rates on this website may not be available in your area. Please contact your local CENTUM office for more details.

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